Caméra 4K haute vitesse, jusqu'à 900 i/sec. Capteur CMOS et monture PL - Enregistrement non compressé sur mémoire interne jusqu'a 8.5 secondes et possibilité d'installer 2 disques SSD hot swappable

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 Nouvelle caméra rapide 4K (4096 x 2160) FT-ONE en enregistrement jusqu'a 1000 images / seconde - Capteur CMOS et monture PL - Enregistrement non compressé sur mémoire interne jusqu'a 8.5 secondes et possibilité d'installer 2 disques SSD hot swappable



Camera Section Sensor


Effective resolution

4096 × 2304 (4096 × 2160 DCI-compliant)

Sensor size

Super 35 mm-equivalent

Color filter

RGB Bayer

Shutter mechanism

Global shutter

Color depth



ISO 640

Dynamic range


Shutter speed

1/frame rate to 1/50,000 sec.

Lens mount

PL mount

Recording Section Frame rate/recording time

See table below


1 to 16 spaces

Trigger method


Pre-roll function: Adjustable playback position

Trigger signal input

Buttons on camera, remote control

SSD Cartridge

Approx. 2 TB (accepts two 2 TB cartridges, for a total of 4 TB)

Recording time

Equivalent to 84 sec. of RAW material per cartridge at 900 FPS

Transfer from internal memory

1,000 frames in approx. 45 sec.

Cartridge switching

Hot-swappable (unused cartridge only)

Video settings Gain

Digital gain: 0dB, 6dB, 12dB, 18dB, 24dB, 30dB, 36dB, 42dB

Analog gain: 0dB, 3dB, 6dB, 9dB, 12dB
White balance

PRESET:3200K, 5600K, 6500K, 9300K

AUTO WHITE: Semiautomatic correction, by shooting a white subject
USER A / USER B: User profiles A/B

Black level set via R, G, B, Master

Linear matrix color correction

RG, RB, GR, GB, BR, and BG

12-axis color correction

R, R-Ye, Ye, Ye-G, G, G-Cy, Cy, Cy-B, B, B-Mg, Mg, and Mg-R


γ1, γ0.45, γ0.50, HDTV, CINEMA


Knee point and Knee slope setting


On/Off, horizontal (H), vertical (V), Coring

Video Output 4K video output

3G-SDI (Level-A) × 4 (quad output of 3840 x 2160 video signals)

Output formats: 1080/59.94p, 1080/50p
VF/auxiliary output

HD-SDI x 2 (VF output x 1, AUX output x 1)
(Downconverted signals of 4K material, with menus and markers layered on VF output)

HD-SDI x 2 (VF output x 1 (selectable from VF, RET1, or RET2), AUX output x 1)
Output formats: 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i
Return output - HD-SDI × 2 (RET 1, RET 2)*1
Genlock input

BB: NTSC: 0.429 Vp-p / PAL: 0.45 Vp-p or Tri-sync: ±0.3 Vp-p x 1

Genlock modes

Internal or external sync (BB or Tri-sync)

External Interfaces Ethernet

10/100/1000Base-T/TX x 1 (for remote control unit)

Iris control

12-pin D-sub (female), manual/auto (auto control will be supported in the future)

Multi synced shooting/playback

Supported with a coax cable (5C-FB) (to be supported in the future)

GPI-OUT - Terminal (R, G TALLY)
Intercom - 2 channels (Clear-Com, RTS, 2W, 4W)
General Specifications Temperature

0°C to 40°C


30% to 85% (no condensation)


+12 V DC to +17 V DC (battery or external power supply)

+ 17 V DC (dedicated external power supply)/+ 17 V DC (supplied by base station)
Power consumption

Approx. 160 W (Full option: 180 W)


232 (W) x 294 (H) x 393 (D) mm (excluding protrusions)

232 (W) × 294 (H) × 487 (D) mm (excluding protrusions)

7.5 kg (fully equipped with options: 8.6 kg)

Other Specifications Accessories

Operation manual, dedicated AC adapter


FT-1RU/FT-1RUA Remote Control Unit

FT-1RCP/FT-1RCP-J Remote Control Panel
FT-ONE2T SSD cartridge (approx. 2 TB), FT-ONE-1TL Lowcost SSD cartridge (approx.1 TB)
FT-1CDS Cartridge Docking Station
FT-1READ RAW→DPX converter
- FT-1BS Fiber-Optic Base Station

*1 available when the FT-1BS is connected

Frame Rate / Recording Time

Recording Frame Rate Recording Time
24 fps 352.5 sec.
60 fps 141.7 sec.
120 fps 70.8 sec.
180 fps 47.2 sec.
240 fps 35.4 sec.
300 fps 28.3 sec.
360 fps 23.6 sec.
420 fps 20.2 sec.
Recording Frame Rate Recording Time
480 fps 17.7 sec.
540 fps 15.7 sec.
600 fps 14.2 sec.
720 fps 11.8 sec.
760 fps 11.2 sec.
780 fps 10.9 sec.
860 fps 9.8 sec.
900 fps* 9.4 sec.

fps: frames per second
Resolution: 4096 x 2304 (4096 x 2160 at some frame rates)
* to be supported in the future